CSA is the leading independent maintenance, repair, and overhaul services provider in a wide variety of engines, components, and auxiliary power units.  Our capability list comprehends the PW100, PT6A, and JT15D engines series; and GTCP36, RE100, RE220, APS 500, and APS 1000 APU’s. We also support the market with high-quality parts, components, and services. Our technicians and Mobile Response Team (MRT) are ready to assist customers worldwide 24/7 through our AOG channel.
CSA has also created services to help our client prevent some unexpected situation that could come along their businesses, these services are offered both on case-by-case and long-term contract depending on our customer’s needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us in your next engine maintenance event.


The ECTM monitoring services helps you to keep an eye on your engine’s operation. Our team coordinate with your crew the engine’s data and monitors through the OEM software the health of your engine. This helps to prevent some unexpected situation and minimize the costs of future engine events.

Our engineering team follows up with Lessees on time-to-time schedule defined by the Lessors the condition of their engines to prevent operation over the limits of the manufacturer's operations manual. These services are built-to-suit and can comprehend:

  • Performance Check
  • Borescope Inspection
  • Technical Records Assurance

Our Tech-Team is capable of performing a borescope inspection wherever you may need, helping you to have the confidence in a pre-maintenance event or a pre-flight  inspection due to low utilization. 

A good purchase is a safe purchase, and a safe flight requires a strong engine. Do not buy an aircraft without a Pre-Buy Inspection done by specialists. Contact CSA and find out about our Pre-Buy services to help you do a good deal.

Our Technicians perform a test run to ensure you are getting the maximum power from your engine or, to prevent the extension of damage it may have during your operation. More than an affirmation of power, it is a prevention check and could save you money in your next maintenance event.

Anytime you are buying or selling an engine it is important to know you are getting the most of it and minimize the risks at these negotiations. Contact us and bring your engine for a test cell run.