About us

  • 2011
    Foundation of the company based in Goiânia
  • 2012
    Start of operations
    ANAC certification to Repairs and HSI on PT6A
  • 2014
    PT6 Series Overhaul & Test Cell Certification
    INAC Certification
    PW100/150 Series Repairs & HSI Certification
  • 2016
    Expressive mark of 88 General Reviews and Major Repairs delivered
  • 2017
    EASA Certification
    JT15D Certification
    GTCP36 APU Certification
    APS500/1000 APU Certification
    Market expansion with 122 General Overhauls and Major Repairs delivered
  • 2018
    FAA Certification
    DIRMAB Certification
    Beginning of the construction of the Test Bench for PW100
  • 2019
    PW615/617 Certification
    Strategic Defense Company (EDD)
    500 General Overhaul and Major Repairs mark delivered
  • 2020
    Moving to a new headquarters with a 15,000 mt² workshop
    M250 Certification
    Test Bench Certification for PW100
  • 2021
    PT6B-37A Certification
    PT6C-67C Certification
    T56-A-14/15 Certification
    T56-501-D13A/D/H Certification
    TFE731-2/3/4/5 Certification
    Beginning of the construction of the Test Benches for M250 and JT15 engines

CSA is the leading independent provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services for a wide variety of aeronautic motors, components and power units (APU). Our capacity list includes PT6A, PT6B and PT6C, JT15D, PW100/150, PW600, M250, T56 and TFE731 series engines; and APU's of  GTCP36, RE100, APS 500 and APS 1000 engines. We also support the market with high quality parts, components and services. Our mobile services team (MRT) technicians are on standby to better serve you through the AOG channel.


Our History


After accounting for more than 30 years of experience in the aeronautical market and having passed through large companies and manufacturers in the sector, Deivson Assunção alongside Kátia Assunção founded CSA in 2011, at the time the biggest challenge was to serve the agricultural community and small operators. 

Strategically located in the center of the country, in Goiânia/GO - Brazil, CSA has become one of the largest independent suppliers of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of engines in the aeronautical market.





Social and Environmental Responsibility.
CSA is continuously committed to management systems that foster quality excellence, environmental protection, health and safety at work. Our commitment is demonstrated by our systematic approach to identifying, mitigating and reducing risks by following all applicable laws, regulations and standards practices.
Over the years we understand that maintenance requires careful thinking, planning and dedication. Environmental protection is taken into account throughout the production cycle and on our various business fronts. We are ethically committed to economic development, while promoting the improvement of the quality of life of our workforce and their families, the local community and society as a whole. 
We reinforce the care for the environment that bring significant improvement and preservation of it.


ANAC [COM Nº 1303-61/ANAC]

FAA [Y4QY174C]

EASA [EASA.145.0790]

INAC 597

DIRMAB [DIRMAB-2018-003]

Empresa Estratégica de Defesa - EED

Registrations K-7373

Departament of State - EUA

Deivson Assunção
Founder & CEO

Katia Assunção
Founder & CFO

Geraldo Azevedo
Technical Director/Comercial

Vania Oliveira
Financial Manager

Marcus Vinicius Campos
Quality Manager

Adriano Couto
CSA Care

Luciano Cruz
Comercial Manager